With the help of the IT leaders as well as the application development services from Cognizant, it is of utmost importance to build a digital IT world with a strong backbone. Keeping in mind, the cost of ownership must be kept low, which will ensure an optimized legacy system.

Full Lifecycle Development

At Federal Soft System, we take responsibility for the complete analysis, followed by design works, implementing it, lastly test, and integrating it into the designated system. While working as a cooperative development, our team members work along with the IT in-house team. This further helps to minutely make careful analysis by both the teams working towards the same goal.

COTS/Package Implementation

The most effective approach for a great result is achieved with end-to-end services. This starts with selecting the correct solution after making an objective evaluation, which further helps in data conversion, and posts the production goes live. We engage in offering the best data conversion tool for our users, which gives them the liberty to build a suitable interface for the business.

Product/Platform Upgrade

In order to simplify the platform/product, we follow a structured methodology using a standardized tool. It can be conducted on the process premise or even via the cloud network. In the recent past, we have successfully helped the business to upgrade smoothly with a lower cost for IT and thereby reducing the business risk.

Content and Portals Management

Besides offering IT analysis, we also have a different enterprise specifically for portal management. Mainly the services are regarding web information tools; it can possibly be an eCommerce portal and lastly information or knowledge portal. Whenever there are data and content which need to be managed, security is one of the most crucial parts; hence our efficient IT personnel ensures complete guidance on managing content.

Services concerning system integration

Our knowledge of integration is obtained from observing and analyzing cross-industry coupling with technology skills over the past long years of hard work—some of the notable new platforms which have helped us to understand the present need. And basis on the present, a rough estimation could be made about adapting the necessary steps for meeting the future requirements.

Mobile Application Development

We at Federal Soft System, offers our client with tools and features that help them to navigate even through the mobile application. As we all are aware, the steady growth in the number of smartphone users has increased over the past few years. So it becomes absolutely necessary for businesses if they have a scope for creating a mobile application that can help them connecting with the users. Our delivery services ensure developing a customized application for mobile starting from UI designing and then testing it and lastly integrating it to the core system and the security measures to avoid any digital theft.

UI/UX Design

Acquiring the buyer’s persona while keeping an ergonomic design, our solution enables any business to connect with convenience. Taking a human-centric approach always makes sure that the bounding between human comprehension and technology comes to an end while offering the highest value to the business. We strive to offer value with the help of interactive UI designs as well as a communication that connects the users with the brand.

Design Thinking

Taking the design-thinking approach led by experiences is always something worth looking for. That being said, it always closes the gap between businesses and their technological requirements.

Product Design

Empathy is something that should always be incorporated within the design. The product design heavily relies upon creating an augmented user experience while positively impacting the overall business.

Interaction/Experience Design

The sole purpose of the experience design is to make sure the user has an everlasting impact right after using the product.


We here at Federal Soft System enables various businesses to deploy cloud as a part of their digital transformation. This can significantly help them to achieve their business goals while offering a tailored experience towards conducting businesses.

Cloud storage and assessment

We make sure to simplify the platform design while incorporating cloud adoption strategies. With Federal Soft System’s assessment, modernize your business to attain greater heights.

Cloud foundation and PaaS Services

Implementing top of the line technologies such as PaaS, containers, and standard cloud services can easily improve the overall workflow as well as boost the agility of the business.

Cloud migration

The process incorporates migrating all the existing works to the cloud while building the entire infrastructure on the cloud.

legacy colocation

Now you can seamlessly manage your legacy data centers with the help of Federal Soft System.

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

IaaS is the next-gen cloud management, offering automation tools and all the required frameworks.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most renounced branches of technology dealing with the idea of providing sense, logic, and human-like intelligence to machines. That being said, being one such broad-spectrum, the idea of Artificial Intelligence always remains a value concept to the majority.

Under the hood, AI incorporates technologies such as natural language processing, machine learning, and everything else. While each one of the services their own purpose, it is imperative to understand that all of them work towards a common goal.

The Benefits of AI

There are several ways in which the definition of AI can be drawn. But the most important questions revolve around the idea that what are the benefits it can bring forth.

End-to-end Efficiency

One of the biggest advantages of AI includes, it can remove any friction whatsoever while improving the efficiency of the system. This, in turn, enables the business to get accurate analytics as well as a better performance at a reduced cost.

Improved Accuracy and Decision Making

As stated earlier, while AI mimics human intelligence, there’s no scope for emotion or human error whatsoever. This, in turn, offers richer analytical data while improving the effectiveness of decision making.

Intelligent Offerings

Since machines’ way of conclusion is different than that of humans, they offer a whole new world of possibilities which couldn’t be found otherwise.

Empowered Employees

AI is highly efficient while doing repetitive tasks, which can significantly help the employees to focus on more important and value-oriented jobs.

Superior Customer Services

Algorithms backed by the power of AI can speed up the overall customer service processes while offering the clock solution.


We here at Federal Soft Systems always strives to offer a streamlined workflow when it comes to creating an operational business model. Take, for example; there are always inefficiencies you will find within an old business model that still relies upon manual sales and customer services. Based on today’s standards, that is nothing lesser than an ineffective way of doing business.

Federal Soft System enables the brands to look beyond the horizon while implementing a well designed and maintained sales, marketing as well as customer service solution. This, in turn, enables you to unlock a whole new world of possibilities. And did we forget to tell that our digital spectrum enables you to completely modernize your business whatsoever?

Digital Marketing

There is no point in arguing that the globalization of the world has led to digital marketing as the pioneer above all. Federal Soft Systems digital marketing agency always look forward to offering the most creative and insightful solution towards every business. It is within our belief that every business module is unique on its own, which with proper attention, can always bloom in no time.

Our awe-inspiring marketing campaigns are always bound to create an impactful impression on the audience. So, get in touch with us and avail the benefits of top-notch marketing solutions to attain your business to greater heights.

Search Engine Optimization

The sole purpose of search engine optimization is to make sure that your website attains a better SERP ranking while enabling more users to reach out to the same. With our in-house digital marketers, you can create your dream brand value in no time. Further including, our SEO services, make sure that your website is visually appealing while offering the best user experience possible. Now, you can get conversion rates like never before.

Social Media Management

Social media plays one of the most crucial roles when it comes to putting forward the name of your brand. That being said, our sole purpose with social media management remains to target the right audience for your business. The top of the line SMM strategies from Federal Soft Systems are bound is to provide you with an everlasting impression on your audience.

Online Reputation Management

Your online reputation upholds the entire brand image in digital media. Federal Soft Systems being an ORM company, can offer you the most efficient and effective, positive online reviews for the company. Our cutting edge ORM strategies make sure that none of the negative reviews within your company pertains for a longer duration of time. Lastly, it also becomes our task to manage and monitor all the media handles of the business while curating effective content for the audience.

Staffing & Consulting

Federal Soft Systems have a clear understanding of finding the right employee with the proper skillset within the organization. Neither less to say, whether be it a small organization or large enterprise, even opting with your own HR department can get tedious at times. This is exactly where our proper assistance always comes into play.

Our workforce, scattered throughout the nation, strives to provide you with the right solution no matter what—the whole idea is connecting the right people with their specific requirements. There are several instances where a particular skillset is often required for the job. With our state-of-the-art staffing services, we always make sure that you connect with the right people for your company.

We have incorporated our staffing solution with:

  • IT staffing
  • Industrial Specific Technical Staffing
  • Offshore requirements
  • Managerial, Financing and Accounting Staffing
  • Recruitment process outsourcing